Serving Shoulder to Shoulder is a growing global network of believers dedicated to a restored relationship between men and women so that all of God’s laborers participate in the harvest of the nations. The concept of Shoulder to Shoulder has been on the minds and hearts of Leslie and Chad since 2003. From the beginning, their desire has been to glorify Jesus, honor His Word, and see all peoples hear about Jesus. 

Chad and Leslie co-founded and co-direct 10/40 Connections, a ministry dedicated to multiplying disciples who impact unreached people groups in tangible ways. Chad and Leslie are passionate followers of Jesus, mission leaders, speakers, teachers, and authors. They both received their Doctorate of Missiology from Fuller in 2009. They formed Life Voices Coalition in 2020, an international network seeking to end the genocide of abortion in Jesus’ name. They co-authored Engaged in Love and War, and they serve as co-catalysts with the Lausanne Movement in the issue of “Men and Women in Partnering in the Gospel.” Chad and Leslie launched Serving Shoulder to Shoulder in 2022 to equip believers on how men and women can run fast and far together to complete the Great Commission. Leslie and Chad have lived for many years in various parts of North Africa, Middle East, and South/Southeast/East Asia. They currently reside in the Southeast U.S. with their children.

Leslie is known for her smile, her love for the name of Jesus, and her gift as a communicator. She champions the release of God’s daughters and sons to both lead and love well. She serves as President of 10/40 Connections. Leslie, equipped in apologetics, has a desire to see all believers contend for their faith and proclaim it boldly. Leslie also serves as a national speaker for Life Training Institute where she advocates in schools, churches, and universities for our pre-born neighbors and their mothers. She loves to grab a coffee with others and hear their stories. As a former runner in a university, you will still find her running (albeit more slowly), but running fast after Jesus and her kids. She doesn’t like mayonnaise (or anything creamy and white) and is scared of dogs. Due to constant travel and packing suitcases, she remains thankful that she can take nothing with her to heaven!

Chad is known as a deep thinker. He looks forward to disciples multiplying among the very last people group, and he focuses most of his efforts toward that end! Chad serves as Executive Director of 10/40 Connections. With his love for Jesus and the Bible, he is committed to multiplying godly men and godly women (which he calls “God’s secret weapons”) as laborers in God’s harvest. He is grateful that Leslie helps make relevant many of his non-practical brainstorms. Chad loves apologetics, enjoys learning languages, and he considers it fun to read the Bible in its original languages. Formerly addicted to American football, Chad still loves athletic challenges and can still crush his son in push-up contests (but he sees the day coming…)! He does not like brains made of concrete, being the “honored guest,” or the thought of making no life impact.

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