There are several ways to get involved in the Shoulder to Shoulder movement.

Reflect and Share

The first way to get involved is by personally moving through the Shoulder to Shoulder materials. Begin at the Starting Block page. Take the time to reflect, hear from God, and follow through on any steps of obedience. Be sure and “count the cost,” because this movement is not for the faint-hearted. Of course, this journey should be personal, but it need not remain private. Share with others what God shows you! Become a multiplier of the Good News that Jesus partners with both men and women to complete the Great Commission!

Join a Co-Missional Group

Many people benefit from insights gained in a group discussion setting. Join one of our six-week Co-Missional mentoring groups to dig further into the content and to answer specific questions. Contact us at for more information about Co-Missional cohorts.

  • The first international cohort completed in Sept 2022. (FULL)
  • The next U.S.-based cohort starts on 19 January and runs through 9 March 2023. (OPEN)

Help Complete a Translation

Would your people group and network benefit from these materials? You may be the answer to prayer. Contact us at if you are interested in helping move Shoulder to Shoulder into another language. Or if you are interested in funding these materials into another language, please let us know. We would love to work with you.


Prayer Moves Mountains

One foundational aspect of all true “moves of God” is prayer – strategic, consistent, and faithful prayer. This type of prayer moves mountains! These obstacles prevent Christlike sons and daughters from being fully released into God’s global mission. We have identified some key areas we believe need strong prayer coverage to shift the tectonic plates causing these mountains! Below you will find blog posts with 12 weeks of focused prayer. Pray on!

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