Side by Side by Janet George
in multiple languages
English, Arabic, Mandarin,
Hindi, Nepali, Swahili, Russian,
and more!

Why Not Women?
by Loren Cunningham, David Hamilton, and Janice Rogers


Blue Letter Bible is a free, searchable, online Bible program to use when researching in original languages

Work through this study as an individual
or as a small group to discover your part
in God’s great mission.

Listen through the S2S content as a downloadable podcast. Share the podcast with friends and others who want to dig into the Bible and multiply God’s laborers.

Documents of The Lausanne Movement

The Lausanne Covevant (in multiple languages)

The Manila Manifesto (in multiple languages)

The Cape Town Commitment (in multiple languages)

Lausanne Multiplex Paper (in English and Mandarin)

Five Biblical Commands for Men and Women Partnering in the Gospel – Lausanne Global Analysis

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